Got Denture Problems? Your Denture Restoration Options

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A denture set remains a popular dental restoration option for those with partial or complete teeth loss. The dentist can create a custom-fitting denture for the patient’s mouth, but it is not infallible. Patients may damage the denture or experience issues while wearing it. When this happens, they need to visit the dental office for repair or restoration.

Denture restoration options

It might be hard to stop denture damage or deterioration, but the dentist can help patients avoid damage or other problems by providing tips for properly using the dentures. Common problems associated with denture use include breakage, discomfort, mouth sores, pain, cracks, and alignment issues. These indicate the need for restoration. The following are potential solutions to common denture problems.


One or multiple artificial teeth can crack. The minor damage might not be something to worry about unless it becomes the cause of other denture issues. The artificial tooth can break further as a result of the crack.

Like teeth, dentures can be damaged by an external force. A broken denture means one or more replacement teeth are damaged or detached. The tooth can be partially or entirely detached from its base. It is recommended that patients avoid attempting to replace or glue the tooth on their own. They need to reach out to the dentist for assistance.


A person's smile can be restored with a dental restoration like dentures. Chips or cracks in the teeth can make the denture wearer feel like they are losing their smile again. A visit to the dental office for repairs and reconstruction is necessary if dentures get damaged in a single incident or over time. Once an appointment is made, the dental professional can complete most repairs in a single day. The procedure usually takes one to three hours. Emergency repairs can be done to prevent interference with scheduled appointments.

The in-house dental team can perform repairs in the office to provide the fastest service possible. Patients are assured of the optimal guidance, tools, and quality. The dentist will determine the extent of the damage and begin the repair process as soon as possible.

Denture relining

Denture slippage, looseness, and inflammation can all be caused by changes in the shape of the gums over time. These are often caused by changes in physical health, such as weight gain or loss and bone resorption. After two or more years of use, dentures can also become poorly fitting.

Relining is a procedure used by dentists to prepare for these changes. Many dentists use heat-treated acrylic techniques for this process. Most relining services can be completed on the same day as the appointment. Permanent soft liners need one to two days to complete adjustments. To keep the denture in good working order, dental professionals suggest having it relined every two years.

In conclusion

At the dental office, the dentist will recommend the best solution for optimal denture function and fit. The duration of the dental restoration process depends on the patient’s situation. To get started, book an appointment today.

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